Brilliant, addictive, definitively semipopular, and all Alex Chilton—Chris Bell, his folkie counterpart, just couldn’t take it any more. Can an album be catchy and twisted at the same time?
— Robert Christgau (Reviewing Big Star's #1 Record)
Justin Gabbard Joshua Redman

Smog Design: Joshua Redman Live album cover

I came to be a Big Star fan after college, and created a series of images based along some of my favorite songs of theirs and others. 

Smog design approached me about repurposing the image for an album cover for Nonesuch records release for Joshua Redman Trios Live. 

Jeri Heiden at Smog did an amazing job with the design and I couldn't be happier that a fun side project is now on record store shelves. 

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